Sunday, August 16, 2009

Robert Magaw Farmhouse, 1041 Elmore Place

1923 by Eugene Armbruster
New York Public Library #704086F

The original caption notes that this house was built in 1725, a couple blocks from its present location.


Lisa said...

This building stands at 1041 East 22nd Street - was "Elmore" the street prior to the number system?

Zach said...

Yes, exactly. I think the city technically maintains the "Elmore" name -- it used to work on Google Maps but doesn't seem to anymore. I *believe* it appears on a few signs still.

Lisa said...

I would LOVE to photograph that street sign still if its around...would have been great if the street names were kept in some parts. I tried didn't come up. Thanks for the info!

Lisanne! said...

The city was going to restore the names of Kenmare, Elmore, Delamere and Mansfield Places a few years back in that area. There should be signage with those names. They were changed to numbered streets in the late 1920s.

Joan said...

I lived just a few houses down from that house in the '60's and always wondered why it was placed sideways on the lot!